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UPDATE 02/28/2014

I promoted to TRIPLE DIAMOND and gave myself about a $4000 per month raise!  On top of that I earned a $25,000 bonus which adds an additional $1000 per month to my pay for the next 25 months!  

UPDATE 10/11/2013!

THANKS to It Works! Global and my amazing upline and downline, I have QUIT my job!  Officially my last day is October 11, 2013!

UPDATE July 2013!

I promoted to Double Diamond!  My average monthly "part time" business income has now doubled my average monthly "full time" job income!  I do believe it's time for me to give this business the attention it deserves!  

UPDATE April 2013!

I promoted to Emerald & Diamond!  My average monthly "part time" business income has not tied my average "full time" job income!  Maybe I should look at making this my "full time job"?  

I am very ANTI Big Pharma!  I'm very ANTI-aging and fully believe that age is just a number!  

I became a Distributor for It Works! in February 2012.  I was purchasing product, so I figured...  might as well become a distributor too.  A box of 4 wraps sells for $99 and I could become a distributor and get a box for free.  NO BRAINER!  Right!  I may make a few dollars to at least help pay for my product.  I was on a really good health and fitness program designed by a good friend of mine, who is a fitness pro.  I am getting close to 50 years old.  My fat/skin really needed some help.  I was losing weight and shaping up, but still had a belly.  Why does that have to be the hardest part to lose?  I place a few ads on Facebook and Twitter.  I shared some before and after photos.  That was the ONLY month I ever paid for product.  My commissions paid for product after the very first month.  I have to say I have an amazing upline...  Cammy Widing and Joel & Stefani Dunn.  They are the best and have helped me so much along the way.  I'm not even sure why they didn't give up on me.  I have a job as a Senior Brand Ambassador for a marketing company.  From March to November, my schedule is CRAZY and very unpredictable.  I'm not really using that as an excuse...  I really just didn't ever plan to actually make a living with It Works!  I even made a comment about that to a friend, who has since joined my team.  In January 2013, I received my 1099.  My mouth fell open.  I had no idea I was making that kind of money.  Sure, I had seen the emails, but didn't really register I guess.  Like I said, I have a job.  I have been pretty unhappy with this job for a while.  I actually love what I do.  I just don't like the direction things are going with my company, nor some of the products we market.  So...  my thought process started to change a little.  I started thinking...  maybe I should start actually working this business and see what happens.  I then got a call from Cammy asking me if I had any idea just how close I was to promoting to Diamond and Double Diamond.  I decided to set up a table at the feed store.  The response blew me away.  I put cash in my pocket and signed 3 distributors on the spot.  I promoted to Diamond and the Double Diamond in April 2013.  My "part time" business average monthly income had surpassed my "full time" job average monthly income.  I was at a point where I could pick and choose what I wanted to work.  I could actually "retire" from my job now, but at that moment I was using my It Works! income to build my It Works! business.   In July, my It Works! income DOUBLED my job income.  My only regret is that it took me so dang long to "see it"!  The company, the products, and last but certainly not the least...  the people are AMAZING!  I went to my first Boot Camp in May 2013.  Now all I want to do is share the incredible opportunity, whether as a distributor or customer with EVERYONE!  

Please give me a call anytime at 770-652-2016 if you have any question and/or comments.  

And don't wait!  Get in now!  This company is only going to grow and get better and better!  



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